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E-Info How To Instructions

Below you will find several documents with step-by-step instructions on how to use different areas of E-Info. We encourage you to use these tools to help navigate your way through the program. When using E-Info, you are ensuring the best possible customer service possible. E-Info communicates directly to HOS's customer management software and allows you to have direct access to your account information, place service calls, order supplies, and enter meters. If you don't find what you are looking for below, contact us at (866)976-2679, we're happy to help.

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E-Info Instructions:

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Logging into your E-Info account

Placing supply orders with E-Info

Placing service calls with E-Info

Entering a meter reading with E-Info

Managing Invoices

Managing User Settings

You may also view the instructional videos below:

Instructional Videos:

How to Create an E-Info Account

How to Pay Invoices On-line: