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Service, Supplies & Meter Reading

Welcome to Hilliard Customer Service Portal, E-Info communicates directly to HOS's customer management software and allows you to have direct access to your account information, place service calls, order supplies, enter meters and pay on-line.

Please click the E-info link below if you would like to place a service call, order supplies, enter a meter reading or pay on-line

If you do not have a username or password please visit our Customer Support Center by clicking on the E-Info link below and click New user located at the bottom of the Log In area. 

If you would like to have your copier automatically report meter readings please complete the form to the right or call (866) 976-2679 for assistance.Allowing automatic meter readings will eliminate the need for an employee from your company to manually collect and report monthly meter readings.

If you are a first time user in E-Info you must create a log-in by selecting "New User? Sign Up Now" on the E-Info portal page

  1. Enter your email, name and phone number
  2. Enter either your Customer Number or Company Name and Address (Must be entered exactly as it appears on your invoices. All three items can be found on your invoices for sales orders and service calls.)
  3. Choose your password.
  4. From here you will be able to add new users as needed.

You can also find detailed instructions on all functions in our e-info how to section.

Click on E-Info to log-in

Instructional Videos:

How to Create an E-Info Account

How to Pay Invoices On-line: